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English for those who wish to work abroad

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English for People Going to Work Abord

Our special offer :
an intensive six-week weekend  course

Dates of courses:
March 17 - April 29
May 6 - June 10
June 17 - July 22
July 29 - September 2
September 9 - October 14.

The course comprises 36 lessons, group size between 6 and 10 people.
Lessons will take place  on Fridays between 5:00 pm and 7:15 pm and Saturdays 9:00 to 11:15 (6 lessons a week)

Where?  - At PROGRAM-Bell, Poznań, ul. Fredry 1.
Who are these courses for?

  • for people who urgently need to learn basics of English in terms of listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing at communication level
  • for all those who are planning to go abroad soon and seek an inexpensive course

The course fee covers:

  • course syllabus adjusted to participants' needs. It covers such areas as: speaking about oneself, question making, preparation for interview, asking for directions, matters connected with payments and money, house rental, vocabulary connected with dealing with offices, shopping, moving around the country, etc.
  • didactic materials
  • tests
  • methodological supervision by the PROGRAM-Bell Director of Studies
  • certificate of completion of the course

One method:
Single payment for the entire course PLN 500

Another method:
Two instalments of  PLN 260 each.

How to enrol on the course?

  • Apply at the office of PROGRAM-Bell in Poznan.
  • Pay for the course, choosing the most convenient method.
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