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Course preparing for the TOEFL exam

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Course preparing for the TOEFL exam

Welcome to PROGRAM-Bell! Come and take part in our language courses - a meeting with our PROGRAM-Bell methodologist will help you choose a course best suited for you.

This course is meant for people who are planning to study abroad and whose knowledge of English has already reached advanced level. In the USA this exam is regarded as formal recognition of proficiency in English. Both in the United States and in many countries in Europe a TOEFL certificate is a good recommendation for starting a university course or finding a job.

TIMETABLE: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm


The course comprises full 29 weeks of lessons, starting on October 2, 2006, and ending on June 6, 2007.
Autumn term comprises full 11 weeks from October 2,2006 to December 20,2006.  On October 30 until November 1, 2006,  there are no classes.
Winter term comprises 10 full weeks starting on January 4, 2007 and ending on March 28,2007. During the winter holidays (15.01.2007 - 26.01.07) there are no lessons.
Spring term  comprises 8 full weeks, starting on March 29,2007 and ending on June 6, 2007.  There are no lessons between April 4-10. 07 and  April 30-May 4,2007.


  • initial placement test
  • four forty-five minutes lessons per week (116 lessons in the school year)
  • lessons with a Polish and native English speaker teacher
  • groups of 8 to 12 people*
  • textbook
  • extra materials
  • continuous progress assessment
  • tests and mock exams
  • term progress reports
  • consultations with the teacher
  • certificate of completion of the course


PLN 2100 per year (if paid in three instalments: PLN 800,-, 700,-, and 600,-)

PLN 2220 per year (if paid in six instalments of 470,-, 370,-, 370,-, 370,-, 370,-, 270,-)


If payable in three instalments:
-first instalment payable at enrolment
- second instalment payable by 31.12.2006
- third instalment payable by 22.03.2007

if payable in six instalments:
irst instalment payable at enrolment
-second instalment payable by 8.11. 2006
- third instalment payable by 31.12.2006
- fourth instalment payable by 18.02.2007
- fifth instalment payable by 22.03.2007
- sixth instalment payable by 9.05.2007


  1. Discount for  regular customers: PLN 100 off the course fee deductible from the first instalment is available to every former participant in any of the language courses at PROGRAM-Bell, as well as to every former participant of PROGRAM-Bell language camps.
  2. Sibling reduction: PLN 90  off the course fee available to a second member of the same family, to be deducted off the final instalment of the course fee.
  3. Discount of 5% at advance payment for entire course


PROGRAM-Bell will issue an invoice within seven days upon payment. Anyone wishing to receive one is requested to produce  a receipt at the school within this period. The invoice will always specify the name and surname of the course participant.

* The school reserves the right to place one extra person in the group


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