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English in England - Courses for Adults

There are Bell International schools in London and Cambridge. Each of them is equipped with state-of-the-art professional resources to accelerate the learning process. There are multimedia centres with free Internet access, reading rooms and libraries (study centres), language labs and video rooms.

In each of these schools you will encounter an entirely individual approach to your needs. In Bell International schools groups are small so that teachers can devote sufficient time and attention to each learner to help them improve their language knowledge. You will be grouped with people whose requirements and aims in terms of language study are similar and whose linguistic skills are on comparable levels. You will learn to communicate in a natural way and will spend your time among people from various cultural backgrounds.

Bell International schools offer a wide selection of courses including courses for managers and executives. Bell have considerable experience in training specialist from  many fields and in organising language courses for such different branches of industry as oil industry and aviation, as well as government commisions  and army courses. Specialists from Bell International have run courses and educational programmes in many corners of the world from Zurich to Addis Abeba.

Anyone interested in travelling to a Bell International course please contact us at:

61-701 Poznań
ul. Fredry1
Tel. 061- 85 19 2 50

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