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Our Teachers

Here at PROGRAM we have a team of well-prepared and friendly teachers. All classes, except beginners, are run in close collaboration by both Polish and foreign teachers.

Our Polish teachers are all graduates of either  English philology departments at university or of teacher's colleges and in majority also have additional qualifications (CELTA, CELTYL). They also participate in methodological conferences in Poland and England. Most foreign teachers hold university degrees as well as qualifications to teach English (TEFL). Thus it is the duty of Polish teachers to explain grammar intricacies, whereas conversations with native speaker teachers help overcome inhibitions and greatly accelerate the process of learning the language.

Kasia Laszkiewicz John Casale Tomek Jamróz Jo Haracz Ewa Troczyńska Lidka Kowalska Monika Runowska Iwona Kanik Kasia Andrzejewska
Becky Joselyn Kasia Lisiewicz Ewa Francuzowicz Ala Bomirska Karolina Kobus Jonathan Skinner Martinek Julia Renata Jurek Alicja Leda Anthony Bevis Monika BernaczykAnia Borkowska
Kasia Aszyk-Kurzawska
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