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Intensive Eight Day Get Away Course of English .

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Residential Courses in Poland

Get-away courses - intensive residential courses

Three times a year PROGRAM organises residential courses for adults in comfortable, beautifully located conference centres. Courses are intensive and are run by native speaker English teachers. Participants are divided into small groups according to their language proficiency and take part in 4 hours of intensive English lessons in the morning and two hours of supervised individual study in the afternoon.

Teachers work with one group for 8 consecutive hours, then change groups, to return to their original group after another 8 hours. Such teacher swapping is extremely important in the case of native speaker teachers because it introduces a lot of diversity to the syllabus and students have an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with a variety of English accents.

The course gives an opportunity to practice all language skills: listening comprehension, writing, reading, with particular emphasis on speaking. Lessons are arranged in such a way as to provide plenty of opportunities to actively use the language. Beside standard lesssons the course involves interviewing, preparing and recording radio programmes,  shows of English and American films in original version, language simulations, lessons on British and American culture, an evening of party games in English and solving a murder mystery.

Beside morning and afternoon classes there is a rich social evening programme with a variety of quizzes, games and competitions, all of course in English. During outings and sports acvtivities all communication out of necessity is done in English, thus helping develop the necessary fluency.

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