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Summer 2014



Palac Siemczyno

MARINA, BORNE SULINOWO A ( 14 – 17 year– olds )
29.06. 2014 - 12.07. 2014
cena: 2.130 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1370 zł)

The Spy Who Loved Me

The beautiful  recreation centre Marina at Borne Sulinowo, situated 5oo metres from the beach, will be the stage on which a vivid spy mission and games between secret service agents of two opposing powers  will be played. Mysteriously, British and Russian submarines disappear, creating a great deal of stir in governments of both countries. The Russians react immediately and send  their agent Triple X – Anya Anasova. Obviously the Britons engage their best secret service agent hidden behind symbol 007 – and of course he is James Bond.
Our camp will weave around this extraordinary, dangerous and full of surprises collaboration of these two. As the title of the camp suggests  there will also be a love story. But fantastic adventures on the set put aside, you will also have an opportunity to have a ride in a real amphibian tank on the lake Pile. You will also hunt for treasures hidden on the firing range and find your way using geographical coordinates from the GPS.
Each group in the camp will write their own unique script for the film “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Then  they will build their own set and make costumes. Also the right music must take its due place. On the camp you will organize a debate on the subject of ‘cold war’. This is to be your fight with arguments, for which you will be prepared by your teachers. The acquired information and vocabulary will be checked in e jeopardy quiz. During the camp there will be an outing to Drawsko Pomorskie and to the castle at Drahim.

JANSÓWKA A ( 8-13 year– olds)
29.06. 2014-12.07.2014
cena: 2.050 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1290 zł)

Rango in the Crazy Wild West

Welcome to the real world of western! At the camp in Jansówka you will meet  strange colorful creatures that along with the main hero chameleon Rango will take part in the truest western of all time, with chases, shootings and real desert! You will make a film based on an animated cartoon by Gore Verbinsky, the author of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” by  choosing the funniest or the most unusual episodes, preparing all the flamboyant makeup and outlandish scenery. The task will be carried out, as usual in project teams. When we’re in wild west climate  we will recall and perform the best loved American ballads, both from the Wild West and of today. A kind request to musical kids: please bring your instruments. You have to know that in Jansówka there will be a country and western music festival, just like in Nashville. Don’t forget you cowboy hats!
You will have a chance to play in the very contemporary local rope park. On the grounds there is also a maze and a football pitch.
During the camp a trip is planned to the Międzyrzecz Fortification Region (Międzyrzecki Rejon Umocniony).

ROKOSOWO B ( 9-14 )
14.07. 2014- 27.07. 2014
cena: 2.150 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1390 zł)

The Return of the Pink Panther

This year the castle at Rokosowo will become a film set of the well-known comedy of the Pink Panther series. Hidden in a secret place, somewhere in the palace interiors lies an  extremely precious diamond called the Pink Panther. A clever gentleman-burglar Sir Charles feels like stealing this precious gem whereas a feeble-minded Inspector Clouseau is set to stop him. After watching two films, which you will see during the camp, you will present your version of the adventures of the two men in scenes invented by you.  Each project team will  also have to make a true Pink Panther using various artistic techniques, including multimedia. Once the symbol of our camp is made,  inspiration will come  to interpret a well-known musical theme of the film and devise a choreography in the project teams. The funniest musical and choreographic performances will be given awards, and so will the best Pink Panther. Many other challenges and fun await you in the camp. You will spend a weekend in a forester’s lodge at Brzednia where along with your instructors you will practice survival techniques. There will also be a day trip to the swimming pool at Leszno or to the lake at Osieczna, weather permitting.

KSIĄŻ B (13 – 17 year–olds)
14.07. 2014- 27.07. 2014
cena: 2.250 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1490 zł)

Agatha Christie’s Poirot ‘s best clues.

If Agatha Christie were still alive she would be 113 years old! But her precious talent to construct criminal plots is as fascinating as ever. The most famous crime writer in the world usually concludes her puzzles with extraordinary and surprising  solutions, fitting them into a unique atmosphere of small  English towns in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The main  character in her novels is a short dark-haired Belgian, a clever detective with characteristic whiskers  - Hercule  Poirot. He is pedantic and has lost of unusual habits. However, when it comes to solving criminal puzzles he is a genius, and to round up the investigation he puts on spectacular shows with him in the lead. The little Belgian is a perfect character to create a memorable theatre or film performance. The best Poirot’ s impersonations will be recorded in a photographic portrait. Also, in the scenery of the old castle you will prepare three shows based on selected novels by the crime queen such as “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” or “Murder on the Orient Express”.
Creative endeavors aside, during the camp you will also go on interesting walking trips in the mysterious Książ Landscape Park. Among lots of other things, you will visit the ruins of the old castle, and with a guide the Książ  castle. You will also go to Swidnica where  there will be swimming and fun in the swimming pool!

PRZY PAŁACU SIEMCZYNO C1 (9 – 13 year-olds)
29.07.2014 – 11.08.2014
cena: 2.120 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1360 zł)

Sail like a Viking !

The centre at Siemczyno is a sprawling complex of buildings that have been sumptuously modernized and there the past links with the 21st century. Siemczyno is situated near Czaplinek in the heart of the Drawsko Landscape Park. In this green country, full of lakes and forests you will focus on solving secrets and mysteries  hidden in legends of invasions of dangerous Vikings. To introduce you to the wonderful world of Celtic myths and legends you will watch a beautiful animated cartoon “The Secret of Kells” that tells the story of magical adventures of a boy named Brendan and monk Aidan with his cat Pangur against the backdrop of old  times when Ireland was born. You will  build Viking boats and then you will act out a battle between defenders of the town and Abbey at Kells and the horrific invaders. Then everyone will focus on creative work, preparing a short theatre performance with Vikings that each project team will perform on a real stage. During the camp you will have a sailing trip on Lake Kaleńsko under the watchful eye of the instructor. While one group goes sailing another will have an aikido workout or will have a go at a climbing wall in the sports centre Stare Kaleńsko. Beside walking trips to the beach, in the camp you will have a trip to the castle at Drahim in Drawsko Pomorskie


PRZY PAŁACU SIEMCZYNO C2 (13-17 year–olds )
29.07.2014 – 11.08.2014
cena: 2.120 zł (w ratach: 800 zł + 1360 zł)

“Sherlock“ or the Mystery of the Czaplinek Moors

Sherlock Holmes equipped with GPS and Watson as  blogger! Times are changing and heroes of detective stories remain the same, only adjusted to the new reality. In the darkest nooks and crannies of the mysterious palace at Siemczyno  a criminal plot will be acted out to be solved by none other than Sherlock Holmes himself equipped with the state of the art gadgets and assisted by his faithful friend Watson. The genius analyst and his  reasonable friend will appear in three theatre plays prepared by each project team in the camp. A contemporary adaptation of Holmes’ adventures calls for a good script and scenery, which will be made with modern photography and multimedia available in the camp. All the shows will premiere on a professional stage in the spacious facility at Siemczyno. In this camp you will be investigators, analysts and forensic scientists. Apart from having fun as detectives and forensic scientists you will also organize a real court room trial with prosecution, defense, judge, defendant and jury. Preparation of relevant arguments and acting out your parts is an excellent opportunity to practice your speaking skills. In your free time you will go on an outing to Drawsko Pomorskie and the castle at Drahim. You will also go hiking to Czaplinek and enjoy a dip in a nearby lake, only 500 metres away from the palace.

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