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Intensive Polish Language Courses for Foreigners

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Learn Polish at the ancient town of Przemysław
A course of Polish for adult learners

In addition to  learning Polish you will have an opportunity to get to know one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Poland as well as taste typical dishes of our region.

Who is our course for?

Our courses of Polish in Poznan are designed for foreigners interested in getting to know the language and culture of our country. The classes are run by experienced language teachers who are additionally qualified to teach Polish as second language.

Why is our offer worth taking?
If you decide to take our course there will be no time for boredom! The course can be run by one or several teachers, who will take turns teaching during the day. You will have a chance to get to know various temperaments and dispositions of our teachers.

Our teachers:

  • use a variety of teaching methods, starting with simple exercises through dialogues and interviews to acting out and role plays,
  • apply different techniques to practice all basic language skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening comprehension,
  • allow their students to familiarize themselves with Polish and overcome communication barriers.

At our students’ request we can incorporate ‘field’ lessons into our courses. They will be a splendid opportunity for walks in the Old Town, full of atmospheric little streets, a climb up the Wzgorze Przemyslawa with a breathtaking view of the city or  getting to know other attractions our city has to offer.

What sort of course do I choose?
We have individual as well as group courses on offer.
One to one courses make it possible to adjust the pace and syllabus to individual needs of students (based on a placement test and a conversation with the teacher). Frequency of lessons or dates of courses are adjusted to suit the needs and preferences of the student. The price per lesson unit (45 mins) ranges from PLN 68.00 to 75.00, depending on the length and intensity of the course.
For those preferring individual study we offer very intensive one-week courses Polish Naturally. The course comprises 45 lessons. The syllabus along with usual classes involves field lessons: among other things sightseeing in the city or eating out.
The course fee is PLN 3600.

Group courses give more opportunities to create natural communication settings and to work with other people, allowing interaction among participants and  thus integrating them. Group courses are offered to group of at least 3 students and the recommended duration is from 2 to 6 weeks.
Course fees:               PLN 40.00 for groups of two
PLN 30.00 for groups of three
PLN 25.00 for groups of four or more

Please contact the office of PROGRAM-Bell in Poznan at Fredry 1 where we will be happy to discuss all the details of our offer. Please contact Basia Gorna at b.gorna@program-bell.edu.pl or Katarzyna Lisiewicz at k.lisiewicz@program-bell.edu.pl .


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