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Elementary / Pre - Intemediate Level

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1. How often do you speak English?

Yes, I do.
Every day.
Two hours.

2. What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Tea or coffee.
Bacon and eggs.
In the kitchen.
In the morning.

3. How long did you play tennis yesterday?

With Jane.
At three o'clock.
For three hours.
Yes, I did.

4. What kind of films do you like?

Yes, I do.
Yes, I like.
No, I don't.

5. What is your husband's job?

I am a doctor.
He is a doctor
She is a doctor.
Yes, this is my husband.

6. How many hours a day do you work?

About six.
On Tuesday.
Every day.
At the office.

7. What is your favorite day of the week?

Last Saturday.
Every day.
Every week.

8. What does 'TV' mean?

For two hours.
I watch TV on Friday.

9. How do you spell 'carrot'?

No, I don't.
A vegetable.

10. What is the weather like today?

It is sunny.
Yes, I like sunny weather.
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.

11. What did you do yesterday?

I go swimming.
I swim.
I am going to go swimming
I went swimming.

12. What do you like to drink?

With my friends.
In the pub.
Every Saturday night.

13. What are you doing?

I am working.
I work.
I was working.
I worked.

14. What did you eat last night?

In a restaurant.
Chinese food.
At seven o'clock.
With friends.

15. Have you got any pets?

Last year.
Yes, I do.

16. Where can I buy beer?

At the supermarket.
When you are eighteen years old.
I don't drink beer.

17. Where do you usually spend your holidays?

With my family.
In June or July.
At the seaside.
On Monday.

18. When is your birthday?

May one
May first
May and June.

19. Are you good at cooking?

Well, I can make an omelet.
No, I don't.
No, I can't.
Yes, it was good.

20. Here you are.

Yes, I am here.
Thank you.
Of course.
Yes, I am.

21. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Getting ready for bed.
Yes, I was.
I go to sleep.
I sleeping.

22. When did you last see Paul?

With Jane.
Last night.
Yes, I saw him.
No, I didn't.

23. What are you going to do after dinner?

I took a bath
I take a bath.
I'll take a bath.
I taking a bath.

24. What time is it?

At three o'clock.
Quarter past three o'clock.
Three o'clock.
Yes, it is.

25. How do you get to work?

By bus.
On bus.
In bus.
With bus.

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